Hikari Hanazono

Cold Porcelain Clay

Hello everyone! Thought I would share with you guys some things I have found out using homemade cold porcelain clay to make deco-den pieces! Cold porcelain is an air dry clay, and can be made quite easily, and only needs cornflour, PVA glue, vinegar/lemon juice and baby oil or mineral oil.

Just some pieces I made using cold porcelain :) I also made a video tutorial on how I make the clay:

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Drizzle/Sauce question!

Hi, I'm a bit of a lurker here. I've recently started making deco phone cases and I'm wanting to make one this time with drizzly sauce over the top of some of my cabs, what's the best/most durable way of doing this? I saw a tutorial on Youtube earlier where someone made hers with glue and paint, does it work? does it stay stuck? is it realisticly "glossy"? ANy help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!! ♥

New to Deco Den!

Hi, I'm Amber, I'm 22 and I just started doing deco crafts about a month ago.  I've never been involved with the community of crafters and I only based what I make on some inspiration from a few google images search results.  It's pretty embarrassing how painfully noobish I am at this.

Anyway!  I hope to continue, maybe meet some people, get better at what I do, and get a successful Etsy shop going. I've made one so far but it just kind of sits there for now.  I will get things going soon, I promise!  http://www.etsy.com/shop/Marrionetta

Anyway, it's nice to meet you!~  I will be around.  n_n

Oh and here is one of the phone cases I made last week.  I like it a lot.  Oh hang on it doesn't have a sign tag let me go make one.

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