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Macaron tutorial :)

Ice cream scooper, measuring spoons 
a razor,
whipped cream,
a toothpick,
some clay

Step 1. 
Separate your clay into two balls. 

Step 2.
Take your ice cream scooper and push it on top of one of the clay balls.

Make sure that some of the clay squeezes out of the sides of the ice cream scooper. 

Your ball of clay should now look like this.

Step 3.
Take your razor and cut along the crease of the ball but don't cut the ball entirely off of the base. 

Step 4.
Use the palm of your hand or a flat object to push the ball into a patty shape.

Step 5.
Take your toothpick and pull the sides out and push them back in.

Do this around the entire edge of the macaron.

Step 6. 
Repeat steps 2-5 with the other clay ball.

Step 7.
Flip one of the halves over and squeeze your whipped cream on the center of the half.  

Step 8. 
Put the other half on top of the cream and you are done!

Thank you for reading (:

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